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quitting for the 32 time

July 30, 2015

Been smoking for just over 5 years now an have tried quitting over 30 times now. I've tried cold turkey, tried the gum and the spray. All in fail. I spend a lot of time driving from job to job and the thought of going without one gives me terrible anxiety and I always have to stop and pick up a pack from a gas station no matter how many times I tell myself I don't need it. This time I am going to use the e-cig and the spray in hopes of avoiding the habit and withdrawal symptoms. Going to quit tomorrow and hopefully having a long weekend will help avoid the cravings.

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  • Sean G
    8 years ago #

    To completely withdraw from the smoking habit, you need to find out the problem sources and erase them. Gradually reduce the addiction of nicotine is not enough, you also need to replace the physical habit of smoking. Using e-cig seems to be really great tool to help you quit smoking. I came across <a href="" target="_blank">exitsmoking</a>, I love all the info they provided. I hope this would help you too. Good luck!

    • eddie
      8 years ago #

      @Sean G. Now I know you are trying to advertise! Not cool dude.... so here is a copy and past for you!!!

      The best way to quit is cold turkey! e-cigs are unregulated and I wonder of the quality and 'care' that is taken to produce the nicotine blends. Even if someone charges $800 for a kit that actually cost $80 it's all the same crap! Replacing the habit is not 'change' the delivery tactic of hand to mouth, inhale, exhale. It is to replace it with something new.

      The same people who started e-cigs years ago to quit are now addicted to e-cigs. So in my mind they are just replacing the addiction. And to be honest they all sound much more congested in the throat and nose

      I have a very weak willpower but it is the most powerful tool. I've tried it all hundred of times to quit, so far with cold turkey I'm having the most success. I'm on day 1 of not smoking 35 cigs per day for the past 18 years!!!

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