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Cold turkey

February 3, 2015

I don't know what's harder,dealing with ALS, or trying to quit cold turkey or dealing with people that don't have ALS or is trying to quit smoking?

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  • ianhunka
    9 years ago #

    its getting better!! Smoking has been one of the hardest bad habits that I've had to quit!, I gave up drinking and cocaine(in my young and dum days) a lot, lot easer!!!

  • Len Allen
    9 years ago #

    Well I thought it would be easy because I didn't smoke that much. I was suprised! Yesterday was the toughest. I took walk when it got bad and breathed deep. I quite for 3 years once but was surounded by smokers and when I was in To for a conference I went through nastey withdrawl and caved in to the deamond. That was 1989 and I have smoked since always wishing I hadn't started again. I have payed good attention to that 2nd hand smoke this time and avoided it as much as possiable. Not always easy with out looking weird.

  • Sean G
    8 years ago #

    Did you guys try the <a href="" target="_blank">exitsmoking</a> plans? they seems work well

  • eddie
    8 years ago #

    Sean G, are you trying to advertise here? The best way to quit is cold turkey! e-cigs are unregulated and I wonder of the quality and 'care' that is taken to produce the nicotine blends. Even if someone charges $800 for a kit that actually cost $80 it's all the same crap!

    I have a very weak willpower but it is the most powerful tool. I've tried it all hundred of times to quit, so far with cold turkey I'm having the most success. I'm on day 1 of not smoking 35 cigs per day for the past 18 years!!!

    Replacing the habit is not 'change' the delivery tactic of hand to mouth, inhale, exhale. It is to replace it with something new.

  • garry sweezie
    8 years ago #

    I'll give a good effort this time

  • eddie
    8 years ago #

    Good for you Gary!

    I have been quit for 43days now! My resting heart beat has gone down by15 beats per min, I have not smoke 1072 cigs and saved $688.93 so far!

    If you have a smartphone download the 'Smoke Free' or 'Qwit' or both (like I did) to keep track of how well you are doing.

    The first 3 days were hell and then it gets easier and easier. First month is tricky though. I've had about 20 smokes in 6 weeks, and I never beat myself up, I was in control of every single one of them. I never bought a pack of smokes (this is key).

    Support from text messaging 654321 with Crave and other keywords was very helpful

    • garry sweezie
      8 years ago #

      Thanks for your words of encouragement Eddie. l need all the help l can get. My heart is giving up lately and l need to recover. Tomorrow I will go cold turkey.I will start to excersize, starting slowly at first, then add a little more each week. Congrats on your successes Eddie. Keep it up.

      • eddie
        8 years ago #

        Thanks buddy! You can do it too! Tell everyone you know that you are quitting smoking. And ask your family and loved ones for their support!

        A slip is not a fail, it's just a journey!!! I had perfected smoking for 20+ years practicing every day! Smoking is an addiction and a "LEARNED" habit!!! It will take many slips but you will do it!

        I also have nicotine gums and lozenges that I take every now and then but this I started a week or two cold turkey!

        Alcohol sucked so stay away from it for as long as you can.

        There is no formula to quit, it is what works for you and keep doing it!

        Keep in touch bud!!!

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