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Cold Turkey

February 3, 2015

Found that cold turkey is the way to go. Have tried everything in my 56 years of smoking, but cold turkey is the best. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. In case I need it I have inhalers on-hand.

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  • Elbert
    8 years ago #

    36 years of smoking here. A friend of mine who was a long time smoker told me cold turkey was the best way to go.

  • 8 years ago #

    36 years! Well if you can do it, I've got no excuse. I've been smoking for about 15 years, on and off, but quite heavily in the last 5. Quit smoking in early January with the patch. Still going strong.

  • jacob
    8 years ago #

    Cold turkey is working for me this time...decided no e-cigs or anything, I find cold turkey has worked this time so far!

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