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cold turkey anger

February 3, 2015

I approached quitting cold turkey with anger. I attacked the addiction. After 14 yrs of heavy smoking....I got sick. REALLY sick. Last week I attacked this monster as it owned me like a slave. I was angry about it. Armed with a small pack of cessation gum, I took this dirty little troll to task. Going on 3 days smoke free. After a 2packer day for years...yes my head was spinning, and I was tempted.

It feels good every night to know I didnt give in that day, which helps me face the next day with momemtum.


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  • 8 years ago #

    Hey man, I heat that!

    No doubt about it -- nicotine is a real bastard. I've been fighting my own battle for the last couple weeks, but I've gotta say I was expecting worse and so far so good. Keep the quit.

  • philipw
    8 years ago #

    When I quit, I had the intense feeling throughout my body, arms and hands. The same feeling I have always got when I quit. And it's that feeling that gets me to smoke again. But this time, someone told me the feeling I was getting was actually my blood carrying more oxygen to my body. Because my veins were not constricted. And when I heard this, thought of this a positive. And I no longer had the big urge to smoke. It helped so much that my actual cravings were only 4 or 5 times per day and they lasted roughly 5 seconds.

    • Dave
      8 years ago #

      Been smoking heavy for 21 years, started this quit cold turkey with the help of a non nocotine e ciggarette, i find mornings and after dinner difficult but if i can get through that im ok, i found changing my routine during the morning helps, instead of getting up and drinking coffee right away ( i associate smoming with coffee) i get up and make a fresh juice in the juicer and work out for an hour, or go for a light jog,

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