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3 Tips that Helped Me

January 27, 2015

I've been smoke-free for 12 days for the first time since I started smoking a decade ago. Previous record was 4 days, and it feels great to smash that. Here are some tips that helped me this time around:

1. Recognize opportunities to quit and capitalize on them.

I understand that 99% of the time it's easier to smoke than it is not to smoke. But you know those rare times where the reverse is true, and it actually takes more effort to continue smoking? You could be really sick, or run out of smokes in the middle of the night. An experience like that might be something you can actually work with.

2. Try to see smoking as a collection of many small rituals that can be broken or remade, rather than the giant that it can seem to be.

Have you ever deviated from a routine? Gone a different way to work one day? Took a chance on a new dish at a restaurant? If you're curious what the actual war to quit smoking looks like, that's it. A lot of small adjustments.

3. Take pride in the work you do to quit smoking.

It's easier to be proud of the things you actually do. If you don't really want to go around kicking puppies (and I certainly hope you're not!), it's going to feel a little weird to pat yourself on the back for going through a day without kicking one. What I'm trying to say is - it's surprisingly hard to feel positive about a negative. Focusing on the work you put into quitting (rather than the fact that you have not smoked) gives you skin in the game, and a personal investment in your success. That can really come in handy when the going gets hard.

Anyways, those tips helped me get where I am right now. And maybe they can help you!

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  • Carecoach Deidre
    8 years ago #

    Congratulations on being smoke free for 12 days Erik. That is a great accomplishment and speaks to the number of small steps like you comment on. Your advice to fellow quit smoking compatriats is inspiring. YOu should be proud of how far you have come!!

  • Erik
    8 years ago #

    Thank you very much, Deidre! I'm still hanging in there.

  • 8 years ago #

    All awesome tips and well articulated. The point about opportunities is one that definitely applies to me. It was actually an ugly bout of the flu after new years that laid me up for a few days. I went 3 days without smoking sick in bed and just kept going!

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