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Starting fresh in 2015

January 9, 2015

Alright, this is my thousandth quit attempt, so here's to 1001! Wish me luck.

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  • 9 years ago #

    Ok - Good luck!

  • jebediahhamswing
    9 years ago #

    It can be done. I am three months tomorrow, cold turkey. I asked for the will to quit. I realized there was no sane justification in my world for continued smoking. The fear of not smoking, of not knowing who I am without a cigarette in hand making me cool. It is no longer a part of my persona. There are moments where that old friend seems like a harmless idea, where the smell triggers a kindly thought but the reality is... the frenemy is gone. Best wishes Michael.

    • 9 years ago #

      Hey man, thanks so much and congrats on three months. Good to hear from others who are taking the plunge also. I've tried cold turkey before but am thinking of trying the patch this time around. Called the quit coach people from this site and they were super helpful. Fingers crossed!

  • monkeywrench
    9 years ago #

    Well. Here i go as well. Start monday.

    • 9 years ago #

      Just past two weeks now, and actually feeling pretty strong about this so far. The first week was hell, but I survived!

      • Carecoach Deidre
        9 years ago #

        Congratulations Michael on being a non-smoker. Have you noticed any benefits having being smoke free for two weeks?

  • Wolverine
    9 years ago #

    Didnt really take much effort for me to quit. Smoked for 20+ years but odd that I don't feel any withdrawal.

  • Kurosaki
    9 years ago #

    GoodLuck Everyone!!!

  • 9 years ago #

    Yeah I was also very surprised at the lack of withdrawal -- I've had friends who said that they went through much worse. I did end up using the patch, but that was just because I found the cravings so strong. So far so good.

    Has anybody else used the patch? If so, how long did you wear it before you were ready to go without?

  • jasenchouinard
    9 years ago #

    I set my quit date for Feb 9th,2015. Last time i quit for 15 days using patch and inhaler. Ran out and bought a pack of smokes. Here's hoping this time works. Trying cold turkey.

  • bdiakonow.japan
    9 years ago #

    I'm 2 days to cold turkey quit date - and determined to succeed in making it a life-long commitment to myself and my family, particularly my 4yo son.

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