Will Power

Willpower is mental muscle. It's the determination, self-control, and strength to take control of my thoughts and actions. I can use willpower as a powerful tool to help me reduce and quit smoking. Willpower can also help me get back on track if I slip up.

Ways to Boost My Willpower

  • Practice the use of self-control to beat cravings. The more I practice, the better I’ll get. Regularly using self-control improves my willpower strength. 
  • Create a quit-smoking mantra, a few words to repeat to myself over and over again whenever I feel a craving (example - “I don’t smoke anymore... I don’t smoke anymore... I don’t smoke anymore... ”).
  • Visualize a specific picture in my head every time I feel a craving. I can imagine pictures that are important to me, like crossing the finish line of a 5 km run, being active with my family, watching a pile of money grow from not buying cigarettes...
  • Think long-term – resisting the urge to light up is easier when I think about the long-term benefits of reducing and stopping smoking rather than my immediate needs or desires.
  • Getting enough sleep and eating regularly will keep my brain alert and well-fueled, while giving me the mental strength to resist cravings.