Staying on Track

  • A slip is a single hiccup - a cigarette or two after I quit. A relapse is going back to smoking, full on.

    If I slip:

    • Be patient with myself – quitting takes time and often many tries.
    • Learn from the slip – now I can make a plan to do something differently next time.
    • Ask for help by calling a friend or a Quit Coach at 1-877-455-2233 (toll free).
    • Remind myself that I don’t smoke any more.

    If I relapse:

    • It’s a setback, but I can try again. More tries will lead to ultimate success. 
    • Think positive - the experience will make me stronger.
    • Try a new tactic for my next quit.
    • Consider using the nicotine patch, gum or prescription drugs. They can double my odds of quitting for good.
  • Weight-gain is a major concern for many new quitters, and for some, a big reason for going back to smoking. Luckily, there is lots that I can do to minimize weight gain, or avoid it altogether. 

    Top ways to keep off the extra pounds:

    Healthy eating

    • Eat all meals. Going hungry will only increase my cravings for nicotine or cause me to overeat later.
    • Snack smart. For example, vegetables, fruit, unbuttered popcorn and pretzels. 
    • Avoid alcohol. Drinking will increase my chances of slipping and relapsing, and booze is packed with empty calories.

    Metabolism boosters

    • Get a good breakfast. My body burns calories faster in the morning, and a good breakfast takes advantage of that. 
    • Choose whole grains. Whole grains provide long-lasting energy.
    • Drink lots of water. Six cups of water a day can help me burn off extra calories and reduce cravings.

    Active living

    • Daily exercise.  It not only burns calories, but it also boots my metabolism, helps beat cravings, and reduces stress.
  • Since I began smoking, my brain has learned to crave nicotine. That’s why certain people, things and situations can still trigger strong cravings to smoke.

    Staying on guard means knowing my triggers, and having a plan to deal with them when they hit. This way, I’ll never be caught off guard.

  • Stress is a part of life, and if I'm going to quit for good I need to find new approaches for coping with it. 

    Top 5 ways to deal with stress in my life:

    • Exercising regularly. I can burn tension with a good run or a round at the gym to feel better and think clearer.
    • Getting a good night's sleep. A full eight hours of rest can do amazing things for my body.
    • Eating well.  Healthy bodies lead to healthy minds. And a healthy mind can make a big difference in the way I handle challenges and make decisions during the day.
    • Taking time out. When I feel the stress levels rising I can take a few minutes to go for a walk, listen to music and decompress.  
    • Breathing in, breathing out. A few minutes of deep breathing -- in through my nose, out through my mouth -- can work wonders to restore a sense of peace and calm.