Text QUITNOW to 654321

  • It's a FREE 3 month mobile texting service that sends you supportive messages and quit tips customized to your quit date.

    Text QUITNOW to 654321 and you'll be prompted to text back your quit date.  Then you'll receive a welcome message before your quit messages begin.

    Text 'STOP' to 654321 to unsubscribe at any time. To restart, text CHANGE to 654321 and give your new quit date.

    Have questions or feedback? Please contact us at quitnow@bc.lung.ca

    Note: This service is available at no cost to BC residents, but standard message and data rates may apply, including global roaming charges if you travel outside the country. Check with your mobile provider.

  • Depending on your quit date, your text messages will start immediately after you reply. You will receive messages for two weeks before your quit date and then for three months after your quit date.

    NOTE: If you have set your quit date for more than two weeks in the future, there will be a delay in your messages starting.

  • It's a 3 month program, and you'll receive messages tailored to your quit date.

    Here's how it works:

    Before your quit date:  you will receive up to 2 messages per day for two weeks prior to your quit date to help you prepare (up to 22 messages).

    During the first month of your quit: you'll get about 2 messages per day for the first three weeks of your quit and 1 message per day for the fourth week of your quit (up to 60 messages).

    After one month of your quit: you'll receive 2 messages per week for two months to help you avoid slips and stay on track (up to 16 messages).

    What if I need extra support to get through the day?

    If you get a craving or have a slip: Text to 654321 the following key words: ALCOHOL / CRAVE / HUNGER / SLIP / STRESS. Text INFO for program details.

  • If you are having problems with the program, like not getting your text messages - or if you have feedback to improve the service, please contact us at:  quitnow@bc.lung.ca.

  • Any time, you can text STOP to 654321 to cancel and no further texts will be sent to you.

    If you want to start text messages again in future, text  CHANGE to 654321 and you will be prompted to text back a new Quit Date.

    If you want extra support to get back on track, call our quit coaches any time at toll-free.