Staying on track

Plus another upcoming contest!

A big thanks to everyone who completed the contest survey and have us your feedback.

In total over 70% said that they managed to make it through the week smoke-free, and even those that didn't, most said that they still cut back -- which is awesome to hear. 

The reality is that quitting isn't easy, but it does get easier with each attempt and with each day you remain smoke-free.

Resources to keep you going strong 

If you haven't already please explore the rest of the site -- particularly the Staying on Track section. 

In addition to the info, we also have trained Quit Coaches available by phone or instant chat to answer any questions you might have. 

There is also the text program, where you can get reminders, motivators, and tips direct to your phone. 

Tobacco Free Tuesday Contest

If you need another incentive to give quitting a chance, we've got another contest coming up this Tuesday, hosted by our general quitting site, 

Every first tuesday of the month is Tobacco Free Tuesday, where we challenge smokers across BC to take the 24hr challenge. This month's prize is $250 cash. 

Sign up for the contest now at:

Wishing you all the best, 

The QuitNow Team