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Changing habits/venues I associated with smoking

February 3, 2015

I'm doing well on day 2! I have changed quite a bit of my lifestyle routine to help facilitate my transition to becoming a non-smoker. I am spending a few hours a day in the gym, going to the library and going for walks in the beautiful BC wilderness. I am finding that placing myself in environments in which the probabilty of encountering other smokers or situation where I would be inclined to bum a smoke off of somebody.

Regular chewing gum seems to be helping with the oral fixation but I notice I have been rubbing/touching my mouth quite regularily for no valid reason. I assume this is a muscle memory acquired from my years of smoking.

As I try to form new habits/practises I employ a mantra... whatever I do I mentally and verbally state "I am (blank)ing as a non-smoker" A little positive, cognitive restructuring can gona long way.

BEST OF LUCK QUITTING ALL from a non-smoker!

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