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weekends are the worst

February 1, 2015

I've been trying to quit since around Christmas time. The last two weeks have been my most successful ... 7 am Jan19 to noon Jan 24 ... noon Jan 25 to 100 pm Jan 31. Both slips have occurred on a Saturday despite trying to keep busy ... being at work Monday to Friday, it is much easier to avoid thinking about smoking. I will reset again today at noon, but I am already afraid of next weekend and the possibility of just saying to hell with it and go back to smoking full time.

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  • kell2784
    8 years ago #

    Set up a friend date/hike/dinner with someone or a group (that specifically dont smoke)

    Focus on the feeling that you don't need to smoke, and that smoking doesn't 'own' you.

    • 8 years ago #

      Weekends are definitely the hardest -- I definitely hear that. They do get easier though over time -- this last weekend I barely thought about it. The first couple weekends, I obsessed. . Kell is right about keeping busy. Activities with friends, drinking tons of water, chewing spits -- that's how I beat the weekend cravings. Oh and staying clear from the bar! I've really eased up on the drinking these last few weeks. I drink I almost always smoke, so I've taken a breather. Hope that helps!

  • Elbert
    8 years ago #

    All good suggestions, and I will do my best to make use of them. Thanks.

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